Critus XRD

Enabling structural science during the application of electric fields
Measurement cells developed by Critus allow you to record X-Ray diffraction data in your existing instrumentation while applying electric fields and simultaneously recording the macroscopic electrical and electro-mechanical response of the samples.
Product Bulk Reflection Geometry
Bulk Reflection Geometry

The Reflection Geometry system allows electric fields of ±5kV to be applied to bulk materials while conducting XRD measurements from a surface. Ideal for electro-ceramic and single crystal research in laboratory or synchrotron x-ray systems. Electrical current and displacements sensors are packaged within the unit allowing simultaneous strain and polarization measurements. 

Optimised for XRD
Maximum Solid Angle Range Accessibility
All our systems are geometrically optimised to provide the maximum available solid angle range for x-ray beams to enter and exit the cell without interference. This extends the capabilities from standard wide angle x-ray scattering to include full volume reciprocal space mapping and pair distribution function (PDF) type data sets.
Application of High Electric Fields
Contained System for Protection
Application of high electric fields is challenging in a constrained environment where x-ray diffraction geometries restrict contact points and encapsulation.  Critus systems are fully enclosed with no exposed high voltage.  They are also interlocked to prevent voltage application during sample changes, protecting users and equipment.
Networked Connection and Browser-Based Control
A single ethernet connection to the local area network provides access to the device operation from any PC on that same network.  Direct PC connection is also possible for isolated systems.  A browser-based control system allows for data collection, viewing and download.
Precise Property Values In-Situ
Direct Structure-Property Relationships
Critus devices are equipped with electrical and mechanical property measurement systems to obtain precise material property data during XRD.  Polarization and strain, as well as I-V and C-V curves can be obtained.  Fixed voltages, standard cycle or custom waveforms can be applied.  The systems can also operate as stand-alone property measurement instruments for operation on any lab benchtop.
Broad Parameter Space
Electric Field and Temperature Ranges
Electric fields up to ±7.5kV are achievable for transmission and reflection geometry systems using an external high voltage amplifier such as the Trek 10/10B.  Thin film systems are equipped with two amplifier settings with ranges from ±10V or ±50V.  All systems are capable of precise temperature control up to 300°C.
Integration for Precise Timing
All systems have customisable triggering options to act as masters or slaves to other experimental equipment.  Precise timing with detector framing at synchrotron beamlines and lab-based systems is possible.  Real-time structural changes can then be directly correlated to material property response.
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